Something Blue

We’ve all heard the saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”; today this rhyme stands for good luck charms for the wedding day. There are different meanings behind each saying. Something old represents your past and is often a treasured item from your mom or grandmother, while something new is a symbol for a happy future.  Something borrowed is a wish that a borrowed item will bring good fortune to your marriage. And something blue represents purity and love. Traditionally these items are gifts given to a bride to wear or use on her wedding day.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for your Something Blue, see the original post on The DC Ladies.

Blue Bridal Shoes – Colorful shoes have been on trend for many years with brides opting to wear stylish shoes over old-fashioned bridal shoes. Blue shoes are a perfect way to add something blue into your wedding day attire, they are both classic and contemporary at the same time.

Marcella Treybig Photography, Bright Occasions Real WeddingPhoto by Marcella Treybig Photography | Bright Occasions Real Wedding

Blue Wedding Dress Hanger – Photos of the gown are a great way to preserve that part of the day. Consider using a blue hanger for your dress.

Blue Initials/Date sewn into Wedding Dress – Having your initials and/or wedding date sewn into the dress is a sweet idea. Choose blue stitching for your something blue.

Emily Clack Photography, Bright Occasions Real WeddingPhoto by Emily Clack Photography | Bright Occasions Real Wedding

Touches of Blue in Bridal Bouquet – I love the idea of incorporating touches of blue flowers into your bridal bouquet for the something blue. Brides could also opt for blue ribbon to tie their bouquet or a blue broach for the bouquet wrapping.

Blue Garter – Undergarments and garters are perfect places for touches of blue. This sweet ivory garter with a light blue ribbon is a great way to add something blue.

Rachael Foster Photography, The Garter Girl, Bright OccasionsPhoto by Rachael Foster Photography | Garter by The Garter Girl 

Blue Bridal Jewelry – There are so many great jewelry options in blue. Brides could opt for a earrings, bracelets, a right-hand ring or a necklace in sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz or other blue gemstones.

Blue Getting Ready Robe – My cousin and bridesmaid surprised me on my wedding day with this sweet robe to wear while getting ready. It was such a thoughtful surprise and a really nice idea to wear my something blue while hanging out prior to the wedding.

Kate Fine Art Photography, Bright OccasionsPhoto by Kate Fine Art Photography

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