Top 10 Tips for Stress Free Planning – Wedding Part 1

Let’s be real, planning a wedding is not an easy feat; there are many considerations engaged couples have to think about, costs to budget and a guest list to create that will hopefully not offend.  Many couples hire a wedding planner to help manage the process, but not everyone can afford to hire an expert. If you are planning your wedding, here are five of my Top 10 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning, as seen on The DC Ladies:

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photo by Krista A. Jones Photography, Real Wedding Bright Occasions
  1. Sit down with your partner and/or parents and decide what you can realistically budget for the wedding.  Discuss if this is a hard and fast number or if you may be able to add to the budget based on your guest list and market prices.
  2. Get organized.  Whether your wedding day is six months away or over a year, decide how you will use the time and create an organized plan.  See my 12-Month Planning Timeline to get you started.
  3. When creating your guest list, start with only the most important people.  Most people do the opposite, they add everyone they would invite and then have a hard time deciding who should be cut.  If you start with only the most important people, you don’t need to worry about cutting anyone.
  4. Create a weekly date night.  Take a break from wedding planning one night a week and cook dinner together, take a walk, watch a movie, and enjoy this time!
  5. Hire good vendors!   Your wedding vendors will basically make or break your wedding experience and if you have a good team, you will worry less and enjoy the process more.  A good vendor is knowledgeable, experienced, responsive and helpful!

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