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I love working with photographers who are creative and client driven, which is exactly how I describe Capture Photography.  I had the pleasure to work with Jenny McQueen of Capture Photography for Jen and Nate’s Wedding at The Hotel at Arundel Preserves!  Since then, I have watched Jenny and her partner Allison grow a successful photography businesses in Richmond, VA. Of course, they are available to travel to Charlottesville, VA and the DC region (and beyond).
From Jenny, Capture Photography: I started my career wanting to be a commercial photographer- specifically, fashion. It seemed so glamorous! I earned my BFA in photography, and started out by assisting local advertising photographers. What I learned when I started working on big shoots was that it’s not glamorous. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s high pressure, long days, and not as much creative freedom as one would think . Around the same time, I was asked to photograph a couple of weddings.  I  couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the experience! Every one was thrilled to be there, excited to be celebrating such a special occasion together. It felt good to know that my the job of my photos was to preserve precious memories. During that year, I came to realize that photographing weddings was a much better fit for my values!
Today, I still occasionally assist on advertising shoots. It can be exciting, and I can learn great lighting techniques.  At the end of the day though, weddings are where my heart is. My job is to spend the very best day of a couple’s life with them- every weekend!
Capture Photography started as a class assignment. During my time studying photography at VCU, Allison and myself were assigned to a studio group together. We had to come up with an idea, build a small set, and light it in the studio.  At this point, we didn’t  know each other,  so we like to stay that we worked together before we were friends. We ended up working together for that whole year, and the project we created won a fellowship in photography from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Around that time I photographed my first couple of weddings, and Allison suggested she tag along to see what it was like. We worked together so seamlessly that we haven’t looked back!!
p.s.  Fun fact: During college, we received an “A” on every project we ever worked on together. 🙂
What’s new at Capture Photography: We have a big announcement coming soon about a new type of shoot we are going to offer our clients. We are designing a special portrait experience that will take the engagement shoots to a new level!  I can’t spill all the details yet, but if you love styled shoots and fashion magazines, this is for you. We’ll fill you in soon!
Here are more highlights from Jen and Nate’s Wedding at The Hotel at Arundel Preserves by Capture Photography.


















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