How to Choose a Signature Cocktail

Every bar at a wedding can serve wine and beer, but a signature drink really adds a personal touch to the reception. It’s a great way to personalize the wedding by combining aspects of both the groom and bride’s personalities, interests and love-story.

Photo by Victoria Ruan | Bright Occasions Real Wedding

However, picking a signature drink can be difficult, especially if the bride and groom like different things! Here are a few ways to overcome this.

Use ingredients both the groom and bride like: If the groom is really into bourbon, but the bride prefers more fruity drinks, (or vice versa!) create a bourbon-based drink that utilizes the bride’s favorite fruit. This tailgate sipper drink from Southern Living is a great way to combine both flavors!

Tailgate Sipper via Southern Living

Use ingredients from the couple’s home: Combine ingredients from the bride or groom’s home-state. If the bride and groom are from the same state, great that makes it quite easy! However, if they’re not, it can be fun to mix unique flavors inherent to each state. For example, If the bride is from Georgia and the groom is from New York, try a peach-based Manhattan.

Peach Manhattan via One Martini

Use ingredients that relate to how the couple met: If the bride and groom met abroad or travelled together, use a signature drink from the country where they travelled to. For instance, if they travelled to Spain, then Sangria would be a perfect signature drink. Or, if their first (or best) date was strawberry picking, use strawberries in the drink and explain the story behind it!

Sangria Station via Belle and Chic | Design by Fueron Felices, Photo by David Nada

Use ingredients from where the wedding is being held: This can be especially great if it is a destination wedding, but works well for any location. If the wedding is at the beach, try a fruit-inspired drink this fresh pineapple mojito.

Fresh Pineapple Passionfruit Mojito via Simply Delicious

If all else fails and the bride and groom can’t decide on one signature drink, create two signature drinks; one for the bride and one for the groom!

Most of all, have fun with it!

***This post was written by Bright Occasions Intern, Charlotte Burchett. 2015 UVA Graduate and recent DC transplant.

About Charlotte:
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Favorite Drink: Margarita (with chips and salsa of course)
Favorite Thing about DC (so far): there’s always something to do or see so I’m never bored! Right now I’m attempting to try out all the restaurants near my apartment. Oh and the bottomless brunches are pretty great.
Why I love weddings/events: It’s the one time where everyone in a room is just happy. Everyone’s happiness kind of permeates throughout. The best part is they aren’t happy because of selfish reasons, but due to someone else’s happiness. Of course, the free drinks and yummy food don’t hurt!

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