How to Make the Most of Your Floral Budget

When people think of weddings, images of beautiful floral centerpieces, amazing bouquets and stunning ceremony displays often come to mind. The right floral designs can enhance and/or transform spaces and really add to the look and feel of the celebration. Flowers are an important part of the overall wedding décor, but they often come with a hefty price tag. Here are professional tips to consider if you are looking to create a great floral statement on a budget. See this post also on The DC Ladies.

It’s all about the bouquet!

For bride, the single best accessory (and often the most photographed) is her bouquet. I highly recommend that brides do not skimp on their bouquet! However, it’s totally fine to choose less expensive (but still beautiful) and complimentary blooms for bridesmaids.  Another idea is to keep the bridal bouquet full and dramatic and choose smaller versions for the bridesmaids.

This cheerful, lush and dramatic bouquet was a definite showpiece; it later became the centerpiece for the head table.

Andrea Zajonc Photography, Flowers by EightTree Street, Real Wedding – Bright OccasionsPhoto Credit: Andrea Zajonc Photography, Flowers by EightTree Street, Real Wedding – Bright Occasions

Choose a dramatic focal piece.

To make a statement, choose a really dramatic focal piece in an area that will get a lot of traffic. This could be a welcome table that later becomes the dessert station, the head table for dinner or a backdrop behind the dance floor.  Yet at the same time, limit doing a lot of smaller items or decorating areas that won’t be noticed. In the end you will get the most bang for your buck this way and obtain that wow factor.

These stunning arrangements were placed in the four niche’s that flanked the ceremony space and later the dance floor.

Marcella Treybig Photography, Flowers by Petal’s Edge, Real Wedding – Bright OccasionsPhoto Credit: Marcella Treybig Photography, Flowers by Petal’s Edge, Real Wedding – Bright Occasions

Consider skipping the ceremony.

If you are really on a tight budget, then you may want to consider skipping the ceremony all together. The ceremony is so short and often times all eyes are on the bride and groom anyway. If you skip decorating the ceremony space with flowers, it will not be missed, and you will have more room in your budget for the reception spaces (where guests spend the most time).

Or repurpose ceremony décor and bouquets.

Alternatively, consider choosing décor for your ceremony that you can repurpose for dinner and dancing. Large alter arrangements can become dramatic centerpieces. Chuppah structures/alter backdrops could stay, if space allows, and become a part of the wedding cake or dessert display. Don’t forget about those beautiful bouquets either! When photos are done, consider using the bouquets as centerpieces for tables, bars, dessert tables and more.

These stunning arrangements were used down the aisle (and at the alter) and then became tall centerpieces!

Kate Fine Art Photography, Flowers by Edge Floral Design, Real Wedding – Bright OccasionsPhoto Credit: Kate Fine Art Photography, Flowers by Edge Floral Design, Real Wedding – Bright Occasions

Limit the number of flower types per arrangements.

The fewer flower types you choose, the fewer the florist will have to purchase. So if you limit the arrangements to 1-3 types of flowers (including foliage), the centerpieces should have a lower cost. Of course, this does vary by flower type, so if you are on a budget you’ll want to avoid blooms with a hefty price tag.

Or let the florist select your blooms.

If your heart is not set on a certain type of flower, you may be able to save money by allowing your florist to select seasonal blooms in your color palette. Great florists can often take your style and vision and stretch your dollars by going with less expensive blooms. These may be flowers that are on sale or flowers that you may not have heard of before. Ultimately, you’ll want to give your florist a color or a few colors to choose from and general inspiration photos and then give them the freedom to create.

We gave the florist free range and she chose incorporated interesting blooms, such as cabbage flowers, that went perfectly with the bride’s color palette!

 Victoria Ruan Photography, Flowers by Growing Wild Floral, Real Wedding – Bright OccasionsPhoto Credit: Victoria Ruan, Flowers by Growing Wild Floral, Real Wedding – Bright Occasions

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