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Last week I shared my interview with Becky from Inspired Photography by Susie and Becky. Today, I wanted to share a follow friday post for Inspired Photography by Susie and Becky, two incredibly talented photographers who happen to be a sister-in-law team! Not only are these ladies gifted photographers, but their passion and knowledge of their craft makes them a wonderful choice for couples in the area.

Traci and Andrew’s Stone Manor Wedding

From Inspired Photography by Susie and Becky: We are Becky and Susie, sister-in-laws who married brothers, then found we shared much more than a last name. We work together because collaboration breeds inspiration and because working together is fun – really, really fun!

Our Philosophy: Our commitment is to make couples feel relaxed, cared for, and highly valued. This experience we create is exactly what allows brides and grooms to relax into the natural & emotional images we’re known for. Here are the 4 keys to the experience we provide:

• We communicate with promptness and concern. Together, we’ll work through a timeline that will give us plenty of flexibility to handle unexpected twists

• Your feelings and needs ALWAYS come first on your wedding day.  We’re professionals and can handle whatever happens – and any personalities in the room – with grace.

• Our “posing” techniques aren’t forced – portrait time will be the most relaxing, romantic, and fun part of your day!

• We stay out of sight and respect sacred moments.  Your wedding day is a story – we observe it, record it, and tell it – but we’re not part of it.


Traci and Andrew’s Stone Manor Wedding

Meet Becky: My life is dominated by BOYS. I have two brothers; my husband has three brothers, I have three sons, and all of the neighborhood kids that come to our house daily are ALSO boys. It makes me all the more grateful for the amazing sister-in-laws that I have. In fact, its another sister-in-law that GAVE me a camera when we adopted our third son and started this whole passion with photography. As far as other interests and hobbies, my life is pretty full with photography, family & friends… but no day is considered perfect without exercise and a few stolen moments of reading.

Why Susie loves working with Becky: Becky is one of the most giving people I know, and she invests so much in her friends and her family.  Ive learned so much about being a good friend from her. She really does care so deeply about people, and that also really has influenced us so much as we’ve come up with ways to give each of our couples a fantastic experience with their wedding photography.  he’s so wonderful at going into a situation and knowing what to do and say to make everyone comfortable and relaxed. Her energy knows no bounds, and she’s never satisfied with mediocrity. She’s always pushing us forward to learn more and implement things in our business to give everyone a better experience.  🙂

Traci and Andrew’s Stone Manor Wedding

Meet Susie: I’m a typical middle child – into everything & competitive, although I have learned to curb my competitiveness as I’ve grown up.  I’m also an introvert, but growing up with 5 siblings, I had to learn to hold my own at a young age. I loved growing up in a large family, and I’m still super close to all my siblings. I also have a love for travel and have been to lots of different countries all over the world. Since I met my husband online, my life has only changed for the better, and I love being married and enjoying life with him (and our cats :).

Why Becky likes working with Susie: Wedding days are so much lower stress when I’m out shooting with Susie!  She thinks quickly on her feet and is an amazing problem-solver. However, wedding days are a tiny percentage of our time together.  The majority is during meetings, emails, and phone calls about business and LIFE!  Spending all this time around Susie has really does make me a better person. For one thing, she refuses to say anything negative about other people. This is mainly because shes so good at putter herself in others shoes and giving them the benefit of the doubt.  But even when Susie is REALLY frustrated, the worst shell ever do is shake her head and say bless their heart. Now, if that makes her sound soft-spoken and retiring Ive definitely given the wrong impression!  In fact, Susie’s default mode is to question. I cant count the number of times Ive heard her say, Well, I don’t know if THATS necessarily true before presenting a new and different way of looking at a situation.  The constant questioning and rethinking is exactly what pushes us to serve our clients better and better, the goal that we both share.

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