Margo’s Interview with Inspired Photography

I was so honored when Becky Hadeed, of Inspired Photography by Susie and Becky asked me to grab lunch last week so she could interview me and grab some photos as well (leave it to a true professional to find great shots outside a Panera)! Becky is one half of the talented sister-in-law duo that is Inspired Photography. I love their passion for life, love and their work. You have seen Inspired Photography on my website and blog; we worked together on a styled wedding photo shoot that was published in two magazines, including Virginia Bride Magazine.

See the full post on Inspired Photography by Susie and Becky’s blog.  Here are the highlights:

Where do you go for inspiration?
I could so relate to Margo’s answer here, because it’s the exact same answer I would have… “EVERYWHERE.” Much the same way I assess light anytime I enter a room, Margo asks herself the same question every time she walks into a room – “How would I use this space for a wedding?” Fashion, home design, and gardens always set her mind spinning also!  I can attest that Margo is an avid pinner and is constantly coming up with themes and bringing inspiration from the most varied places together to fit that theme. Finally, Margo is married to another creative – her husband is an architect with a great eye, strong design sense, and a penchant for crafts, so she can always bounce her work ideas off of him! Margo has an entire page of inspiration on her blog!!

Inspired Photography by Susie and Becky

What is your favorite part of your job? Of the wedding day?
Margo’s favorite part of the job is coming up with designs that perfectly suit and express a couple. Her favorite part of the wedding day is simply seeing her couples happy. One of Margo’s primary goals is to take all the stress of a wedding day on herself so that the couple and the couple’s parents can truly relax and enjoy the day. The best payoff is when a couple’s parents tell her that they were able to just sit back and beam with pride and happiness for their children. (And… I just got a little tear in my eye!!)

Fill in the blank: “I just love working with a couple that…”
“Wants to be creative! Who wants to put their personality and experiences into the day”

Inspired Photography by Susie and Becky

What award or moment are you most proud of?
Proving that she’s an out-of-the-box thinker, Margo came up with an answer to this that had nothing to do with event planning. The moment she decided to share is one that happened long, long before she started her business and before she even moved to the DC area. Back in her small town, as a 4th grader, Margo wrote a letter to the mayor of her town. She informed him that she was Jewish and felt sad during the holiday months because she couldn’t share in the Christmas festivities. She boldly asked the mayor to erect a Town Menorah…. Which he did! I find it absolutely amazing that a 4th grader would be so articulate about her feelings and so willing to reach out, without fear, to the mayor of her town. This really is the thing about Margo that stood out to me when we first worked together. If I was a bride myself, looking for a planner, I would definitely want to work with someone like Margo, a “doer” who solves problems in a quiet, kind, but TOTALLY effective way.  One thing about Margo, you know she’s on your side and will fight for your day to be personal, peaceful, and stress-free. Decades later, here’s the results of Margo’s go-getter attitude 🙂