Little Women Wedding for the Modern Bride, VA Bride Magazine Styled Shoot

Last spring I teamed up with Susie and Becky of Photography by Susie, and Kelly Shore of Petals by the Shore to put together a styled shoot.  It was really fun to collaborate on concepts and work creatively with other talented wedding professionals.  It allowed us to imagine and create a “wedding”.  When thinking about the type of photo shoot we wanted, which was to present beautiful inspiration with unique ideas, the story of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott’s was thought of.  Little Women resonated with us particularly due to the romance between the characters Amy and Laurie.  But also because of the connections to family, Paris, art, and the Victorian era.  These are themes that modern brides are interested in.  As a wedding planner, it was important for me especially, to present a styled shoot with ideas that would inspire couples today.

Together, with 10 outstanding wedding professionals (see below), we carefully thought about details with respect for the time period and description of Amy and Laurie.  “We imagined how the private, Parisan wedding…might have looked and then updated that look in a whimsical fashion shoot to show how modern day brides can capture this romantic feel”
– Virginia Bride Magazine, Winter/Spring 2013
Our "Amy and Laurie", photo by Photography by Susie
Our “Amy and Laurie”, photo by Photography by Susie
The scenes that were created and photographed all made sense and tied the story together.   Here are some of the highlights.  All of the beautiful photos are by Photography by Susie.
  • To set the scene for Amy and Laurie’s wedding, which in the story “was a very private affair in the US consulate in Paris, we chose a beautiful private residence to give an intimate but luxurious feel to the shoot.”  Couples can bring this feeling to their wedding by choosing private venues, such as historic mansions (of which there are many in the DC area).  Other ideas can be translated to any setting:  smaller guest lists, family tables over head/sweetheart tables, and family style served meals, to name a few.

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (39)

Photography by Susie Styled Shoot-1080

  • “Amy’s artistic streak is referenced in the elegant printed products, painted china on the table, and hand-painted escort canvases on easels.  Each of these ideas would be very workable for an artistically-oriented modern bride.”  I love the hand-painted canvases for a place-card and favor combination, especially for weddings with an art theme.  All of the lovely paper elements were designed by MLC Designs, Madeline Comoglio.  The painted canvases were made by Alison Comoglio.  The vintage rentals were provided by Winsome Designs.

 Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (37)

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (17)

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (19)

  • “Natural ‘garden’ flowers were selected, as Amy preferred,”  Kelly Shore of Petals by the Shore did an amazing job capturing the look.  She created gorgeous centerpieces, the bouquet & boutonniere, an arch for the ceremony, and poseys in shades of peach, pink, and dusty grays. “Centerpieces during the time period were often on milk glass dishes and covered with glass balls. In addition, ladies often carried small posies wrapped in hankerchiefs with them, so we laid those on the plates. These represent new ways of thinking about centerpieces and reflect a trend towards smaller bouquets with simple, meaningful flowers.”

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (25)

 Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (30)
Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (13)

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (31)

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (32)

  • “Amy’s trademark color was blue, and we included tiny pops of that color through the shoot, from her own personal posey, to the “tear-blotted letters” her character holds after her sister’s death.”  I love this idea to include a personal color or flower, event if it isn’t included in all of your other elements.  Your bridal bouquet or jewelry would be the perfect place to add in this personal touch.  I also love how many couples today are adding in small touches to remember loved ones who cannot be at the wedding.

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (5)

 Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (7)

  • When thinking about the type of food to include in the photo shoot, we wanted to give “a nod to France, where Amy and Laurie were married.”  Rather than going with a traditional wedding cake, we created a “cake of cheese” using cheese wheels from Cypress Grove Chevre.  This is “an emerging trend that many brides may also prefer to a traditional cake.”  The end result was a beautiful “cake” and would be perfect for couples wanting to serve something different for dessert.  French bread baguettes, fresh fruit, macaroons and meringues completed our dessert table. 

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (48)

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (46)

  • Linda of Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria worked with us to provide our bride’s Attire. “The chosen dress was restrained, modest, and lacey with a dropped waist. Kate Middleton has brought this look back into style.” Lace has returned to 2013  in a big way and many brides are opting for it’s classic and sophisticated style.

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (2)


  • “The hair and makeup beautifully emphasized our model’s porcelain skin, golden curls and gorgeous blue eyes, turning her into Amy March herself!”  Julie Jackson of Hair by Jewels and Mimi Tran of Make-up by Mimi, did an amazing job on our brides hair/make-up look. She not only looked the “part,” but her hair and make-up was also on trend and complimentary to her personal look.  

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (3)

Photography by Susie Little Women Shoot (9)

I am so incredibly proud to have been apart of this fabulous “wedding” styled shoot.  All of the wedding professionals involved did such a fantastic job, it was a wonderful team to work with.  The end result of our work is that we have been published in the Winter/Spring 2013 edition of Virginia Bride Magazine!

Bright Occasions, LLC 
Margo Fischer

Floral Design
Petals by the Shore – Wedding & Event Floral Designs
Kelly Shore

Graphic Design

MLC Designs
Madeline Comoglio

Winsome Designs
Terry Broderick
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Makeup By Mimi Tran
Mimi Tran

Hair by Jewels
Julie Jackson
(703) 405-3605

Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria
Gown: “Natasha” by Melissa Sweet
Veil: “Stephanie” by Sara Gabriel

Cypress Grove Chevre
Canvas Painting
Alison Comoglio

Private residence in Great Falls, VA


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