Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Taking a moment today to reflect on how lucky it is to “love and be loved”:  I grew up with very loving and supportive parents, they were (and still are) my role models for a great relationship.  I always knew that I wanted a love like theirs.  It took meeting my husband (in 2006) to find it.  Valentine’s Day to me BIMD (Before I Met Dave) was just another Hallmark Holiday.  I thought, couples should always show each other how much they care, and that flowers, chocolates and other grand gestures are meaningless if they happen on Valentine’s Day.  Dave has shown me that you can still be caring and thoughtful throughout the year, but it is so much fun to have one day to celebrate love.  To him, Valentine’s Day is a special day to go that extra mile.  Every year he continues to surprise me with a sweet token to show his love.  I love this about him!

So today or tonight, step back from your work and responsibilities and celebrate with your sweetheart.  Go that extra mile and show your love!


Photos 1) Our wedding day, at Carnegie Institution of Science, photo by Kate Burke, 2) New Years Eve 2013, 3) Engagement dinner in Vienna, Austria.

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