The DC Ladies Recap: Generic Online Wedding Budget Articles

There are MANY articles out there published by generic non-wedding sources all promising to help couples set their budget.  Some of these articles may actually have helpful information, but for the most part, their one size fits all approach are not helpful or valid for couples in the DC area.


For example, I came across a budget guide online with the following information that is quite frankly misleading and wrong:

  • Guide claims that couples can rent their venue for $500 to $1,500.  There may be some areas with venue pricing this low, but in the DC area most venues (non-hotel/all-inclusive) start at around $5,500 and go up for Saturday night affairs.
  • Guide claims that couples can hire a DJ for as low as $200 and a band for as low as $500.  Sorry but no, this pricing doesn’t exist, and I have a hard time believing you can find this low of pricing anywhere.
  • Guide claims that couples spend an average of $1,500 for flowers.  Flowers and décor pricing will vary on the wedding size; i.e. how big the bridal party is, how many guests and guest tables there are and whether they will decorate the ceremony with aisle décor and a chuppah, mandap or alter arrangement.   But in the DC area, it is fair to say that couples will spend much more than $1,500 unless they are eliminating major areas, not decorating with flowers, and/or doing the work themselves.

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