The DC Ladies Recap: Questions to ask at a Site Visit

Finding a Venue: Questions to Ask at a Site Visit

1)      Catering Questions: Is there an in-house caterer, and would they provide a tasting before moving forward with a contract?  Do they have a liquor license?  Will they allow you to bring your own alcohol, and is there a corkage fee?  If there isn’t an in-house caterer, do they have a limitation on which outside caterers you can use?

2)      Facility Questions: Is there a coat closet and/or coat check?  Are there bathroom facilities on the same floor or easily accessible to the ceremony and reception spaces?  Is the wedding venue wheelchair accessible?  Does the building have modern heating/cooling equipment?  Are there adequate outlets for DJ/Band needs?  Are tables and chairs available for guest seating, dining and food service?  Is there a space where the Caterer can set-up?  Are there tents available for outside spaces?   Can you rent a tent from a local vendor?

3)      Parking Questions: Is there on-site parking for all guests and vendors, and is it free?  How close is the parking to the entrance?  If no on-site parking, is there ample free street parking nearby?  And/or where is the closest public parking garage?  Is the venue close to public transportation?  If you will need to provide a shuttle or limo for guests, is there an area where the transportation can drop guests off and pick-up guests?

4)      Décor Questions:   Are there limitations for decorations?  Are candles or other open flames allowed?  Can you hang decorations from the ceilings or walls?  Do they limit food and drinks to only certain areas of the wedding venue?

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