Deep Purple, Fuchsia and Silver Maryland Wedding at Newton White Mansion

If you look into the meaning of colors and how they correspond with a couple’s wedding, then the colors deep purple, fuchsia and silver are perfect for Tamika & Dinoven’s Maryland Wedding at Newton White Mansion.  Purple symbolizes royalty and magic; this color is very elegant and timeless.  Pink is the symbol for unconditional love and nurturing and the darker fuchsia color embodies confidence and passion.  Silver, as a metal, gives the feeling of richness and glamour.  The combination of colors is beautiful!  I’m thrilled to be a part of T & D’s wedding this September.

Deep Purple, Fuschia and Silver Maryland Wedding at Newton White Mansion

Tamika and Dinoven’s Story: Both Tamika and Dinoven were born and raised in the Washington, DC area, but met as a set-up through a mutual friend and coworker.  Tamika was working at an insurance company and Dinoven was a policy holder.  Tamika’s coworker was good friends with Dinoven, she wanted to introduce the two for a long time but Tamika resisted.  Finally they were introduced on a Saturday.  They hit it off and went on their first date that Sunday  at Clyde’s at Gallery Place Chinatown.  They have been together ever since, almost 5 years later.

board 2

Photos Board 1: 1-3) Images of Newton White Mansion,, 2) 4-11 Images put together by bride on Wedding Wire,

Photo Board 2: 1) Ceremony Arrangement with Purple, Fuchsia and Orange Flowers and Silver Branches,, 2) Bridal Bouquet,, 3) Outside view of Newton White,, 4) Fuchsia pomander,, 5) Silver Chair with eggplant bow,, 6) Groom’s attire and deep purple cala lilly boutonniere,, 7) Bridesmaid bouquet,  debbiecoflowers.comorange-peach-bouquets-c-1_2_10, 8) Trio of Submerged Flowers Centerpiece, brocadenashville­.­com­winter-­white-­purple-­and-­green-­trey-­and-­ashley-­part-­ii

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