Guest Book Alternatives

Traditional guest books are great to capture sweet notes and signatures for your wedding guests.  Today, couples are getting a little more creative with this concept and using unique guest book options.  Here are a few of my favorite creative guest book alternatives, see the original post on The DC Ladies.

Wishing Tree

The wishing tree is actually a Dutch custom and can be a wonderful guest book alternative.  At the reception, a beautiful tree is placed near the reception with small notes (or paper leaves) hung by ribbon.  Guests can write special messages and wishes for the couple and hang them on the tree.

Rachael Foster Photography, Bright Occasions InspirationPhotography by Rachael Foster Photography, Wishing Tree’s created by Bright Occasions, Paper and Ribbon by Simply Designed, Flowers by Petals by the Shore

Wedding Tree

The wedding tree allows guests to leave their thumbprints and signatures on a large painted tree.  This has become extremely popular; especially with couples getting married outside or incorporating nature in their wedding.  After the wedding the couple has a beautiful piece of art and a way to remember everyone who attended their wedding.

Kate Fine Art Photography, Bright Occasions Real WeddingPhotography by Kate Fine Art Photography, Real Wedding Bright Occasions

Engagement Album

A small engagement album with blank pages for guest messages is a perfect way to capture guest messages.  It’s also fun for guests to check out your engagement photos.  Couples can work with their photographer to create an engagement album guest book or can look into creating their own.

Kristen Gardner Photography, Bright Occasions Real WeddingPhotography by Kristen Gardner Photography, Real Wedding Bright Occasions

DC Photo Book

If you are planning a DC wedding, a photo book with landmarks is such a fun and different guest book idea.  It’s perfect for couples that want a quintessential DC wedding.  No matter the location, couples that wish to pay tribute to their city can also look into photography books for this purpose.

Emily Clack Photography, Bright Occasions Real WeddingPhotography by Emily Clack Photography, Real Wedding Bright Occasions

Quaker Marriage Certificate 

A Quaker marriage certificate is traditionally signed by all of the congregants present.  One of my couples decided to adopt this custom for their wedding and used the marriage certificate in lieu of a guest book.  I loved that they included an engagement photo and planned to hang it prominently in their home.

P.J. Rey Photography, Bright Occasions Real WeddingPhotography by PJ Rey Photography, Real Wedding Bright Occasions