Dessert Table Trends

Dessert tables are a big wedding trend and they are here to stay.  Not only are dessert tables a beautiful element; they are delicious and can be a fun way for couples to show their personality.  There are so many fun dessert trends to try; here are some of my favorites (as seen on The DC Ladies)

Photo by Kate Fine Art Photography
Photo by Kate Fine Art Photography
  1. Non-Cake “Wedding Cake”:  For the ceremonial cake-cutting, many couples are now choosing unique non-cake options, great options include cheese wheels in the shape of cake, a Rice Krispies cake, stacked Oreos to create a wedding cake, and even pancake cakes!  The sky is the limit, but I would suggest going for something that really connects to your personality and/or theme.  If your wedding is at night, a pancake cake might be odd unless you were going all out with a brunch menu (I personally love breakfast food day and night).  The only real rule is that it is served in the shape of a wedding cake!
  2. Savory Dessert: Not everyone loves super sweet desserts; savory items, such as a cheese course can be a great alternative.  If you are going for the non-cake wedding cake option of a cheese wheel “cake” then a cheese course makes sense.  Serve your favorite cheeses with fruits, crackers and nuts.  Include some other desserts as well, such as chocolate truffles for your guests with a sweet tooth.
  3. Comfort Food Favorites:  The comfort food trend is still big and many couples are opting to serve their comfort food favorites, such as Doughnuts, pies and chocolate chip cookies (think milk and cookies).  You will see these sweet treats at more weddings this year and next.
  4. Whimsical Desserts: The dessert table is a chance for couples to do something fun and different.  My favorite whimsical dessert ideas include cotton candy, kettle corn, s’mores and gelato.  Each of these options work well as an individual dessert station, part of the dessert table or passed as a late night bite.
  5. Parisian Treats: French macarons have become extremely popular, and these cute bite sized treats are becoming a central focal point of dessert tables.  They are adorable individually or make a beautiful tower.  Other Parisian treats gaining popularity include éclairs, madeleines, napoléons, and chocolate, caramel and fruit tartlets.

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