Engaging Travel Themed Photos

Congrats to all of the newly engaged couples out there! Engagement photos are such a fun and special way to have a visual memory of this period in a couples relationship. I strongly recommend taking engagement photos for two main reasons: 1) to get to know your photographer ahead of the wedding day.  Starting that relationships makes you feel much more comfortable taking pictures on the big day, and 2) you will have great photos together during a time where you look and feel so happy and in love!

Lauren and Paddy, one of my November 2014 clients, shared their recent engagement session with me.  As much of their relationship has been long distance (the two met at a summer camp, Lauren currently lives in Maryland and Paddy is in the UK), they worked with their wedding photographer Kate Fine Art to take travel themed photos at a small airport in MD. They are stunning photos and really capture the love and excitement of Lauren and Paddy’s engagement!






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