Bold Red, Pink and Orange Fusion Wedding in Potomac, MD

I am so excited for this weekend’s wedding at the Bolger Center in Potomac, MD.  I have been working with my couple Kathlynn and Nishan for over a year and their wedding will be a beautiful blend of culture and religion.  This half-Hindu, half-Christian wedding, will feature reds, pinks and oranges, gold lanterns and lush flowers.   This couple is one of the nicest I have met, and their celebration is going to be big and bold.

Here is some inspiration I put together for K & N’s upcoming wedding.

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Pictures: 1) Lantern Centerpiece,  2) Bridal Bouquet, 3) Red Pomander Centerpiece, 4) Orange Pomander Centerpiece, 5) Bridal Gown,, 6) Wedding Cake, 7) Save the Date, 8) Henna, 9) Bride and Groom, 10) Mandap,,