Polyvore Find – Cranberry Wedding Meets Cranberry Fashion

While browsing one of my favorite fashion sites, Polyvore, I discovered a link to one of my wedding inspiration posts on Cranberry Wedding ideas.  I was surprised and excited to see this reference on the site.


Polyvore is a unique website that allows users to upload fashion inspiration boards to share with its members; people all over the country.  These boards combine fashion styling with shopping, home decor, beauty and current trends.  Once a board is published, Polyvore adds pricing information and links to buy the clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc from the original source.  I love that Polyvore stays on top of news stories as well as trends.  Some current boards include: April is Autism Awareness MonthMargaret Thatcher Set the Style for World LeadersRest in Peace Lilly Pulitzer, and Get the Look: Megan’s Outfit from Mad Men Season 5.


Inspired by Polyvore and excited to see a reference to my blog, I’ve published my first fashion board to the site: Cranberry and Cream.  With the idea that your wedding flowers are similar to every day accessories used to compliment your total look, I’ve played with cranberry accessories which goes so well with the beautiful cream dress



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