The DC Ladies Recap: Adding Personal Touches to Your Wedding Day

In case you missed last Friday’s post on The DC Ladies, here is the recap:



1)     Ceremony:  “Writing each other a hand written letter, with these vows to be read privately before the ceremony, is a great way to include personal vows that may not be a part of a traditional ceremony.”

2)     Favors: “Favors are meant to be small, sweet gestures to thank friends and family for coming to your wedding.  It’s a great way couples can show their creative side and give something meaningful.”

3)     Signature Drink and/or Food: “Food and beverages play a big role in most wedding receptions and is a fun way couples can add in their own personality.”

4)     Décor: “In addition to traditional floral décor, couples can have fun adding creative touches based on their likes and interests.”

5)      Special Guest: “While your wedding day is special for you and your sweetie, it’s also a wonderful time to include or honor a family member, friend or even your well-behaved pet (location permitted).”

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