Follow Friday: Booth-o-Rama

Photobooths have become one of the most fun elements of weddings and events.  They are a great way for guests to let loose and are a cute and funny memento of the evening.  Photobooths work well for events of any style and formality to infuse some excitement during the day or night.  There are no restrictions for this, but I love a professional look/background with fun props.   Booth-o-Rama Modern Photobooths, named best photo booth in the DC area in the Chesapeake Bridal Awards last week, offers a professional yet fun photobooth;  and guests have access to photo strips online after your party.

From Daniel, owner of Booth-o-Rama: I came up with the photo booth idea because I wanted a creative way to document people being completely themselves.  The only way I could think of to get people to be 100% natural was to remove the photographer and put the guests behind the curtain away from any onlookers.  I spent over a year tweaking and testing my design until I had the overall sleek modern look I was going for combined with a very large functional photo booth with great lighting that produced quality photographs every time.
The way guests reacted right off the bat to the Booth-o-Rama Photobooth truly amazed me.  People have such a great energy inside the booth and all you hear outside of the booth is shrieks and squeals of laughter and discussion of how to mix it up.  Other guests quickly take notice and then are eager to get in on the action.  There’s just something super fun about having 8 old high school friends reunite at a wedding and all be able to take crazy and fun photos together and then take home a party favor to remember the evening.
We always strive to provide the very best service possible to our clients and the highest quality product available.  From the initial inquiry and selecting the ideal options to the walk thru to determine the ideal spot for the booth, we are there for the client all along.  At the reception, we always have two friendly attendants professionally dressed in suits to ensure guests enjoy themselves and get the most out of the photo booth.
Booth-o-Rama Photobooths is known for having large booths.  It’s not unusual for us to have entire bridal parties pack into the booth for pics.  But since starting up the business over 5 years ago I’ve noticed the term “photo booth” these days is used very broadly and the actual “booth” can vary greatly.  My greatest tip to couples considering a photo booth for their wedding would be to make sure you see a picture of the photo booth you will be renting in the context of a reception space so you can visualize how it will fit in at your venue.  Also, always request samples of the actual photo strips that your guests will be taking home with them that night.  You’ll find that the photo strips, just like the booths themselves, vary greatly.  Whether it’s the size or style of the photo strip, the quality of the pics, or the design of the custom banner be sure you find a good match for your unique vision.
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