From Weddings to Holidays, DIY Entertaining

You don’t have to be an expert craftsman to add “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) details to your Weddings or Holiday parties.  Over the next month I will be sharing posts on all things DIY, so that you may be able to incorporate some of these ideas into your own celebrations.   From menu planning to decor, there are many easy projects that will make your party shine.

hanging lanterns + twinkling lights
Hanging Lanterns and Twinkling Lights,

But first a few rules for DIY:

1) Do take on projects that you already know how to do well

2) With sites like Pinterest and Google you can easily find pictures and inspiration to fine tune your idea

3) Give yourself plenty of time in case the projects take longer than anticipated, you have any interruptions, or need to start over

4) If it’s a time intensive project, block out a weekend, and bring in capable family and friends

5) Know your budget and expense, if you are doing DIY to save money, shop around for the best products and pricing – keep track of all costs and factor in the length of time you will need

6) If instructions are needed, look online for similar examples, read the instructions for any products such as paint, tools, etc.

7) Make sure you have all the tools you’ll need before you start the project

8) If your project doesn’t come out the way you had wanted, have a back-up plan in place

Easy DIY idea: ***Use lanterns and sparkly lights to create a lovely and easy DIY decor element for outside of your home (as shown above), or even for your fireplace mantle (as shown below).  Add flowers and candles as much as you’d like, or keep it really clean and simple with just the lanterns and string lights.

Christmas Mantle, Ikea Lantern, Flowers, Candles and String Lights,

Measure your area and decide how many lanterns and string lights will be needed.  For your fireplace, start with at least three lanterns and one to three string lights (depending on length).

Ikea has tealight lanterns for $3.99 in silver, red, white or black, and a bag of 100 tealight candles is $3.99.  And a variety of white string lights, such as the snowflake version below for $4.99.

ROTERA Lantern for tealight IKEA Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Rotera Tealight Lantern, Ikea
STRÅLA Light chain w 10 bulbs, indoor IKEA Uses LEDs, which consumes up to 80% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
Strala LED Light Chain, Ikea

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