All You Need…

When it comes to getting married all you really need is each other…. and I would add that you should have a camera to capture the day.   Not that you shouldn’t have a big wedding celebration with all of your family and friends, or even that you must have a courthouse wedding with just the two of you.  I’m not even saying that you must have a  professional photographer.  But in terms of what is important, it should be about the two of you getting married, everything else is optional.  And the tangible memories will be the pictures that you have to remember the day for years to come (or photography and videography if you choose to also have video coverage).

My advice for everyone planning a wedding, no matter what your budget is – make sure someone you trust is there to capture the day (even if it’s just you two and a good friend).

Here are some gorgeous Wedding Photos of married couples, taken by local and non-local photographers:

Cherry Blossom DC Wedding Portraits
Courthouse Wedding, Amber Wilkie Photography,
Photography by Max Wanger,
Jag Studios, Martha Stewart Weddings
Lauren + Abby Photography,

Photography by Matthew Morgan,
Angie Wilson Photography,
Photography by Abby Jiu,
Sweet Tea Photography by Lisa Marie,
Photography by Susie,
Kate Fine Art Photography,
Must have wedding photography inspiration, via Aphrodite's Wedding Blog
Rebekah J Murray,
Simply Bloom Photography,

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