Americana Picnic Wedding

If my husband and I ever decide to renew our vows, I’d love to do something totally different from our Wedding (which was a beautiful and magical night, but also a black-tie affair).  We are both summer lovers and I think it would be great fun to throw a picnic style party, with delicious finger food favorites, and a laid back evening with close friends and family.

Because of my fond Fourth of July memories growing up and attending family parties, my ideal summer evening would have to include Americana styling.   My “Americana Picnic Wedding” inspiration board includes red, white and blue details that would fit a July 4th Wedding, or any special occasion between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Photos: 1) Finger Food Menu items,, 2) Red and White Bridal Bouquet,, 3) Lantern,, 4) Gingham thank-you coasters,, 5) Americana Wedding Cake,, 6) Red Bridesmaids bouquet,, 7) Striped dresses,, 8) Bride and Groom with sparkler,, 9) Paperbag Invitation,

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