Colored Heels

I happen to be a girl who loves shoes.  Cute shoes can make any outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary.  There is just something about a great pair of heels, fun sneakers, trendy boots; wearing these special shoes makes you feel like a superstar.  One trend that has been around for a little while with staying power is colored heels.  There is just something so fun about that pop of color under a white bridal gown. Plus colored shoes can be worn again after the wedding!  I still wear my slate gray wedding shoes from a few years ago, and I always get excited knowing these were the shoes I got married in.

Here are a few of my favorite shoe pictures, with non-designer versions to try:

colored wedding shoes, red high heels, riccardo photo
Christian Louboutin,

love love love colored shoes with a wedding dress!
Pinterest, brand unknwn
Nine West,
Peep Toes,
Dimensionality Peep-Toes
BHLDN Dimensionality,
Manolo Blahnik,
Brand unknown,
Nina Shoes,

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