Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love candy?  Candy Buffets are a great favor idea for weddings.  They are fun, brighten the room and really add to a festive wedding atmosphere.  Plus candy satisfies the sweet tooth in all of us.  This is one favor idea that guests will be glad to take at the end of the night.

*Photo from a Bright Occasions wedding, Photography by Kate Pelura

Here is an article with a few tips for making your own candy buffet:

1) Buy enough candy – this is both for an aesthetic purpose and to make sure everyone can take some.  To really make the candy buffet a “wow” factor experts say to use 5 to 10 different types of candy and around 15 pounds each.

2) Use containers that coordinate with your flower vases.  Clear vases at differing heights will showcase the candy and add to the drama.

3) Tie the candy choices into your color/theme.  Having a pink and green wedding?  Then use different types of pink and green candies.  Planning a beach wedding?  Incorporate your favorite beach candies like saltwater taffy.

*Candy Buffet by celebrity event planner Amy Atlas

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