Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspiration

Valentine’s Weddings always make me think of a college friend who met her husband on a blind date for Valentine’s Day around 10 years ago.  Naturally, they planned their nuptials for Valentine’s Weekend a few years ago.  For the couple  who love to love and always make time for romance, consider marking your love with a Valentine’s Day Wedding.

Here are my Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspiration boards.  Both include a mix of modern and traditional wedding ideas, the first is bold with red details, the second is soft and romantic with a range of soft pinks and pink ombre decor.

Photos: 1) Bride and Groom –, 2) LOVE Food Table Display –, 3) Bridesmaids nad 4) LOVE Cookie Favor  –, 5) Valentine’s Wedding Invitation –, 6) Red Floral Bouquet with Roses, Ranunculus, Dahlias and Cala Lillies –, 7) Wedding Cake with Big Red Blooms –

Photos: 1) Pink Carnation  place card display –, 2) Wedding Cake Obmre Ruffles –, 3) Candy Table 4) Bride and Groom –, 5) Pink Ombre Flowers on  Table –, 6) Bridal Party Featuring Pink Bridesmaid Dresses –, 7) Pink Peonies Bouquet –

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