Day-Dreaming about Spring Flowers

The spring-like weather today is getting me excited about Spring Wedding Flowers!  The bright colors, the full blooms, there are so many great options.  To find out if a flower you like will be in season for your wedding try searching on OneWed and while you are there, check out the Bright Occasions, LLC vendor listing!

Photos: 1) Tulips:, 2) Bluebell-Daffodils:, 3) Sweet Peas:,  4) Orchid-Calla Lillies:, 5) Hyacinth Bouquet:, 6) Iris Bouquet, 7) Lilly of the Valley Bouquet, 8) Peonies and 9) Yellow Calla Lillies:, 10) Anemonies:, 11) Delphinium:

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