So You Are Engaged, Now What?

According to research, December is the most popular time of year to get engaged.  With the winter holidays, this data is not surprising at all.  In fact, according Brides Magazine about 15% of couples get engaged on Christmas and New Years Eve. 

If you are among that 15% to just get engaged, congratulations.  No matter how or when it happens, getting engaged is  a very exciting time for you and your significant other.  If and when you do get engaged, take some time to decide what is important to you both as a couple and who will be involved in your wedding planning.  Will it be you and your partner, and/or will you hire a Wedding Planner, will you ask your parents for help with funding the wedding and/or planning.  Perhaps it will be all of the above? 

 Here are a 4 thoughts to help you get started:

  1. Talk to your fiance about his/her must have’s for the wedding.  Each of you should make a list – from that pick the 3 most important, such as “Venue with a WOW Factor”,  “Dance Party Reception”,  “Beautiful Photography”…etc.
  2. If you are funding the wedding yourselves, decide what you can afford to put towards the wedding.  Or get the figure from your parents/those helping to fund.  It’s not always the most fun conversation but this is needed to create the Budget
  3. Create an Itemized Budget based on #1Your Must Have’s and #2The Total Funds – If you have no idea how to start this, seek the advice from your Wedding Planner, Bright Occasions 🙂
  4. Decide the Approximate Date (Month and Year) and Location where you want the wedding to take place

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